Diabetes Diet: Drinking Coffee, Green Tea Daily May Be Good For Diabetics –

Green tea and coffee have been a part of most of our daily routine. They help us revitalise any time of the day. But did you know both green tea and coffee are linked to lower death risk among the diabetics? A recent study has found that daily consumption of these beverages decreases the risk of dying from any cause among people with type 2 diabetes. For the unversed, the common cause for the same can be heart-related issues, liver problems, kidney disease etc. Moreover, people with diabetes are more prone to circulatory diseases, dementia, cancer and bone fractures. The findings were published in the online journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

The research included 4923 participants, out of which 2790 were men and 2133 were women. All these people (average age 66) had type 2 diabetes for an average of just over 5 years. Each of the participants filled a 58-item food and drink questionnaire, which included questions on how much green tea and coffee they consumed on a daily basis.

It was found that consuming 4 or more cups of green tea every day and 2 or more cups of coffee was associated with 63 percent lower risk of death.


This was an observational study; hence the cause can’t be established. However, the researchers concluded, “This prospective cohort study demonstrated that greater consumption of green tea and coffee was significantly associated with reduced all-cause mortality: the effects may be additive.”


Going by this study we can say, let’s make coffee and green tea a part of our daily diet for a healthy lifestyle. But always remember, moderation is the keep.

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