Kulshan Brewing Co. Launches Fruited IPA Series

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Drawing off a love for IPAs, Kulshan Brewing Company is having some fun with a new, energetic Fruited IPA Series. The first of this series, Tropical Odyssey Passionfruit Hazy IPA will be released Friday, October 30th.

“We love IPAs here at the Kulshan Brewing Company, and are constantly looking for ways to push the style’s boundaries in fun and delicious directions. With our new fruited IPA series, we will be meshing the inherent fruity notes in the aroma hops we use with a variety of tropical and citrus fruit purees, with the intention of creating a smooth, fruity rainbow of flavors for every IPA enthusiast to enjoy.”  – Wesley Finger, Head Brewer

Always hoppy and balanced, with a refreshing fruity zing, the fruited IPA series promises to be a fun, zesty take on the style. Perfectly timed for the shorter, darker days of winter as well!

Be sure to follow Kulshan Brewing on social media to keep up with the release dates. Facebook @Kulshanbrewing, Instagram @kulshanbrewery, Twitter @kulshanbrewery.


Founded in 2012 by Bellingham native David Vitt, they are one of the fastest-growing breweries in Whatcom County, highly regarded for making delicious and well-balanced ales and lagers. Just one year after opening, they doubled the size of the brewhouse to 15 barrels in order to keep up with demand. In 2015 they opened a second brewery in the Roosevelt neighborhood, affectionately named “K2,” in Bellingham with a 30-barrel brewhouse. They have a strong following for their extensive line of award-winning beers.

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