2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch After The Election

Cannabis Stocks Rally with U.S. Marijuana Legalization

The majority of marijuana stocks celebrated the election by giving current investors big gains in top cannabis stocks. While the marijuana industry in the U.S comes closer to achieving marijuana legalization federally, the opportunity with cannabis expands greatly. As of now 35 states legalized medical marijuana, with 15 of those having full recreational use. This is a good portion of the country but if you look at how each state could add large amounts of revenue to the industry, the next four years could be monumental.

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As it stands American marijuana stocks like Green Thumbs Industries, Inc. (GTBIF Stock Report) are well-positioned to profit from the growing market. The company currently has 49 retail locations across 12 U.S markets and is performing well for investors. In reality, U.S cannabis companies could profit from the $5 billion-dollar market predicted to come from marijuana legalization laws passed this week. For example, Acreage Holdings Inc. (ACRHF Stock Report) recently acquired 2 New Jersey medical marijuana operations for $10 million just as the state legalizes recreational use. While the competition for their share of the U.S. cannabis market ramps up U.S cannabis companies are not the only ones getting in on the action.

Canadian Cannabis Companies and The American Marijuana Market

To the north, our Canadian neighbors are strategically moving into a position to take advantage of the emerging U.S. market. It’s important to realize the United States could grow to be one of the largest marijuana industries in the world. Recently, analysts have predicted that the U.S cannabis industry could grow to $35-40 billion by 2025. Currently, the American marijuana market is predicted to have retail sales between $15-19 billion in 2020. Given that type of growth for the next 5 years, the U.S is extremely lucrative for the future of these businesses.

At the present time, many of the top-performing U.S. cannabis stocks are reaching year to date highs with this election rally in the market. While that’s exciting for current investors, I would not want to jump into a marijuana stock as it’s reaching its highs. As many seasoned investors know marijuana stocks can be quite volatile. With this in mind let’s look at pot stocks to buy that can benefit from American cannabis but they reside in Canada.

Canadian Cannabis Stock for Next Week: Aphria Inc.

Aphria Inc. (APHA Stock Report) is a leading Canadian marijuana company that produces and sells cannabis in the country and also internationally. The company is one of the distributors of German medicinal marijuana, besides that, it also distributes to 10 other countries. While Aphria is one of the best performing Canadian marijuana companies it has not done business in the U.S., until now. Aphria is placing a bet on U.S cannabis with its $300…

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