A gifting guide for all tea and coffee lovers in your lives

We might celebrate the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness away from our loved ones, but that does not mean we leave our festive spirits muted. This Diwali, while we rise and grind, why not share a cup of happiness with our dearest ones! Agree? Here’s a guide to help you out picking the best gift for all tea and coffee lovers in your lives.
1. Herbea teas

Curated keeping in mind the varying modern-day sensibilities and lifestyle requirements, Herbea offers seven different variants, including Diges-tea for better digestion, Stabili-tea for fighting diabetes by maintaining sugar balance, Detox-tea for removing impurities from body, Cooling-tea for cooling the mind from hectic schedule, Immuni-tea for helping improve immunity, De-stress tea to calm down the nerves, Agili-tea for better metabolism. The teas are made of ingredients endorsed as highly effective in the science of Ayurveda such as fennel, punarnava, country rose, ananta, coriander, amla, triphala, ginger, among many others. 

2. Tea Trunk’s Navratna Tea Collection

Tea Trunk’s Navratna Gift Box is an exquisitely designed, paper-art box that’s inspired by the rich treasures of India’s gardens. The box holds a collection of nine unique and completely natural tea blends and herbs, sourced directly from gardens across the country. Carefully picked by tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda, each pack of tea is picked keeping in mind the taste profiles of the ingredients and their distinct health benefits. For instance, the Saffron Kahwa Green Tea and Apple Spice Black Tea are perfect winter-time drinks, while Rose Petals and Marigold Green Tea are good for boosting digestion after a big, festive lunch.

Price: INR 799
Availability: teatrunk.in

3. Teabox

Created around the theme  ‘Wellness with Tradition’, every gift-box by Teabox is curated with exquisite blends that are packed with immunity-boosting, healthy, wholesome teas that are inspired by tradition. While Masala Indian Chai is mixed with herbs and spices that are known to aid the immune system, Kashmiri Kahwa, known for its notes of saffron and almonds, not only make an exquisite cup of tea but also has several health benefits. There is also Paan Rose inspired by our long tradition of mouth freshner, and Rose Mist, blended with an exotic Darjeeling white tea, which are known for their health properties since they are the least processed. 

Price: INR 279 onwards
Availability: teabox.com 

4. CELES TÉ tea

Mindfully crafted to appease the palate, CELES TÉ tea offers a wide varieties of tea, ranging from the floral to the decadent. For Diwali, it has curated luxurious festive hampers for every mood. While Choco Spice carrying ingredients like Oolong Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cocoa Nibs, Ginger and Hops is perfect to have post your meals when you are craving for something sweet, Free Spirit…

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