Check your Boulevard beer bottle: Company on lookout for bottles with special

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Boulevard Brewing Company wants its beer back, but not all of it, just the holiday bottles with Brady Smith’s name on it.

“We just miss him,” Mandy Waters, Boulevard Brewing Company, said. “He was kind, funny, really into his dog and really into marital arts.”

The 30-year-old died earlier this month after a nine-month battle with cancer.

Boulevard is looking for bottles with Brady Smith’s name across the neck. Smith was a beloved employee tragically lost to cancer.

Now the company is hoping to give his family one last memory by collecting bottles with Smith’s name on it.

“It’s very important,” Waters said. “It’s a keepsake and his family values that, and they want those bottles to put on their shelves at home, too.”

The holiday bottles are sold throughout the country each year with neck labels of employee’s names.

And they’re all really special to us,” said Waters. “We keep them on our desk. I’ve got five years’ worth lined up.”

After the brewery posted on Facebook to get the word out, so many people searched for a bottle with Smith’s name and responded, including Megan Lehman.

“So I immediately went to the fridge to look and of course the first one we pull out had his name on it!” Lehman said.

Lehman said she didn’t realize the bottles had names on them but wanted to help a grieving family during this tough time.

“I just felt bad because this was a shame that this happened,” said Lehman. “I really wanted to help the family out and give it back to them and I was afraid that nobody would find their bottles and not be able to give it back to them.”

Waters said they are accepting closed and opened bottles, and there is no cutoff date for people to return them.

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