California Bill Proposes Ban On Smokable Hemp, But Open Doors For CBD Food And

Democrat assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry introduced a bill in December that proposes placing a ban on smokable hemp.

The bill states that unless the federal FDA particularly authorizes it, industrial hemp should not be included in certain products, including medical devices, prescription drugs, processed smokable products like electronic cigarettes with nicotine, smokable flower such as hookah and shisha with nicotine, and products containing nicotine, tobacco, or alcohol.

Anguiar-Curry, a member of the California legislative assembly, also proposes that the department could ban the inclusion of industrial hemp in other products if it concludes these products carry a risk to either human or animal health.

The bill, however, allows CBD in food and beverages while demanding safety tests to make sure products don’t contain more than 0.3% THC.

If passed, the bill will enable legal sales of CBD products across California, notes Marijuana Business Daily.

Aguiar-Curry praised the bill being needed as an “economic driver” in times of the global pandemic, reports the outlet.

Previously, she proposed a similar measure, only without the ban on smokable hemp, but the timing wasn’t right due to the lawmakers being overwhelmed with pandemic-related measures, the report continued. 


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