11 Weirdest Taxes Other Countries Have To Pay

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Taxes are no fun – or are they? Some are certainly entertaining when you consider how offbeat they are. For example, there are plenty of strange U.S. taxes — ranging from a tattoo tax in Arkansas to a blueberry tax in Maine.

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But bizarre levies aren’t limited to America. Plenty of countries have tax laws that might seem a bit odd or even downright outrageous.

See what weird tax laws other countries have and where people pay more in taxes than Americans.

Last updated: Jan. 12, 2021

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Junk Food Tax in Hungary

If you want a snack in Hungary, better reach for an apple instead of a bag of chips. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the country’s junk food tax, which is officially called the public health product tax. The tax is on packaged snacks that are high in salt and sugar — as well as sodas and energy drinks — and adds about 20 cents to the price of these items, according to the Boston Globe.

The tax was introduced to reduce “consumption of food products that are not useful from a public health point of view and to promote a healthy diet,” according to a study by Hungary’s National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science and World Health Organization. It seems to be working because the study found that 59% to 73% of consumers reduced their consumption of the taxed items.

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Nonessential Energy-Dense Food Tax in Mexico

You better watch your calories in Mexico, otherwise, you’ll end up paying a tax. In 2014, the government started levying an 8% tax on nonessential foods — snacks, desserts and such — with more than 275 calories per 100 grams. Mexican consumers did take notice of this add-on. A study published in the PLOS Medicine journal found that purchases of chips, cakes and other high-calorie foods dropped after the tax was added.

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Fat Tax in India

Mexico and Hungary aren’t the only places that have tried to curb obesity by taxing junk food. The Indian state of Kerala imposes a “fat tax” on pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and tacos sold in branded restaurants. The aim of the 14.5% tax is to steer people away from fast food and make healthier choices, the BBC reported.

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Entertainment Tax in India

A night on the town in India could leave you double taxed if you first get hit by the fat tax on a fast food meal and then have to pay the entertainment tax. Yes, you have to pay a special tax on sports events, movies, theater shows, exhibits, arcades and amusement parks.

The tax used to vary from state to state and ranged from 15% to 110%. However, the Indian government introduced a…

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