Cascade Solutions for the Ever-Expanding Food and Beverage World. Business

Cascade is able to provide materials handling expertise in a wide range of industries due to our decades of experience across many different applications. Out of all the industries we work in, two words represent some of the most diverse operations and complicated challenges: food and beverage.

“The food and beverage industries are continually challenged by an ever-increasing number of product SKU’s. Distribution operations are faced with making continuous adjustments to cope with changing market demands,” says Cascade global product manager, Mike Yacks.

“Space utilization, storage density, productivity and efficiency are always top priorities.”

Cascade provides comprehensive solutions for operations throughout the food and beverage industries, from crop harvesting, processing, all the way through packaging and distribution. As the food and beverage worlds continue to diversify and supply chains grow in complexity, Cascade has the knowledge and innovation to help you sustain growth.

Productivity Through Adaptability

As product offerings in food and beverage become more extensive, there are more types and sizes of pallets that need to be handled – or in some cases, slip sheets instead of pallets. Cascade attachments enable you to stay nimble, extend the capabilities of your forklift, and be ready for any kind of material handling challenge.

Multiple Load Handlers are one popular method to increase efficiency and achieve high throughputs. These attachments provide the option to transport one or multiple pallets at a time, thus minimizing handling cycles and operational costs. The latest development for Multiple Load Handlers is Cascade RapidSyncTM. This option is now available on select models, offering improved handling speed, precision, energy effciency and ultimately, increased productivity. With RapidSync, fork open/close cycles are faster than ever, up to 35% faster than competitive models. What’s more, the forks move perfectly in unison, so operators never have to interrupt their workflow for re-alignment, which saves energy as no re-synching is required.

Cascade RapidSync™: Speed & Precision

Other solutions for improving versatility include Roller Platens and Cascade-Kooi Rollerforks (depending on your region). These tools offer the ability to handle palletless loads as well as regular pallets. They’re ideal for receiving and palletizing single stacked floor loads such as wine and spirits, as well as easily sliding beneath slip sheets, super sacks, boxed loads and more. Rollerforks can be easily installed on standard forklifts and don’t use hydraulics, meaning operation is simple and maintenance is minimal.

Push-Pulls offer a hydraulic alternative, allowing slip sheeted unit loads to be pulled from pallets and deposited directly on the floor, or loaded into containers…

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