YouTuber Is Facing Backlash After Giving Out Beers At Invasion Day Rally

Luke Erwin claimed the free beers were just to “raise awareness for their day, for their rights and that,” but eventually apologised while simultaneously promoting his OnlyFans.

Aussie YouTuber, Luke Erwin, has faced serious backlash over his decision to rock up to a Brisbane Invasion Day event just to hand out free beer to attendees.

Documented in his ‘Giving out cases of beers on Australia Day (got arrested)‘ video, Erwin filmed himself purchasing about “six hunge” ($600) worth of beer to give out at the rally in order to “raise awareness for their day, for their rights and that”.

At the bottle shop prior to the Invasion Day event, Erwin shared his master plan: “We’re gonna buy like, fucking, beers, beers and chuck ’em in the van, rock up and go ‘we’re giving back to you cunts, yeah, yeah yeah’.”

“It’ll be quick as fuck though, like ‘who wants free beers!’,” he continued. “Just giving back to the Aboriginal people, and if the cops shut us down they can suck my fucking dick.”

After purchasing the 14 cases of beer, Luke Erwin headed straight to the Invasion Day event and begun to hand out the slabs to Aboriginal people in the park. As he was handing out the alcohol, Erwin’s cameraman panned over to a brawl that broke out in the crowd, while an older Indigenous woman is heard telling the YouTuber to “get out of here, now”.

“Get out of here now, you fucking listen now. Get out,” the elder is heard saying as she forcefully shuts Erwin’s car boot. “Hey, [the boot is] automatic. Leave that. I’m just trying to give back to the people,” he ignorantly replies. “I don’t give a shit,” she says again.

Erwin eventually leaves the park after realising he is no longer welcome, but on his way out also urges attendees to follow him if they’re still keen for free alcohol. As he pulled onto the side of the road to continue passing out the beer, the oblivious YouTuber begun to question the “why the fuck are they so upset over there, bro?”

As the vlog continued, it showed that police eventually approached Erwin after they received reports that he had been handing out alcohol to minors. After denying these claims, Erwin again explained that he was just “raising awareness for their day… I’m raising awareness in the Australian history, and using my platform to do so — and I fucking can do that.”

After Luke Erwin shared his video to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, he rightfully faced backlash for just how insensitive his video was.

“You never did this ‘out of the goodness of your heart or trying to give back to the community’ you did this…

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