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MYRTLE BEACH — Working from home can get mundane. Rotating through the same few work spots every day can leave anyone feeling tired and unmotivated, and in a pandemic world, little indulgences can make or break a day.

Coffee is an integral part of many peoples’ days, and coffee shops can be a great place to connect with others, get work done or just take time to indulge in something new. For those wanting a change in workplace scenery or just a new favorite java spot, here are a few Grand Strand coffee shops and cafes to visit:

Rustic Roast – 182 Waccamaw Medical Park Ct.

This quaint and cozy coffee shop is sure to offer warm drinks and feelings alike. With seasonal drinks out until Spring such as a German Chocolate Truffle Latte and an Irish Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew, there are many options to choose from, and until later in the day, too. The cafe closes at 5 p.m. daily — except being closed on Sundays — making it a great place to get a drink to help finish off the day. With online ordering options and a drive-thru window, too, it is easy to get in, pick up a drink and a snack and get out.

New to the area, Rustic Roast opened in May with a mission to cultivate community, honor God and have a positive impact on every person it encounters. On nicer days, the cafe also has outdoor seating for those wanting to either chat with a friend in the sun or get some work done while also getting some Vitamin D.

A small cup of the house blend coffee is only $1.75, with a small cold brew only costing $3. Pair either of those with a banana and nutella toast for $4.15, and that is a cheap and delicious breakfast. To look at Rustic Roast’s menu, order online or learn more about the shop, visit

Hi-Fi Coffee Bar – 918 N Ocean Blvd.

Knock out a coffee run and vinyl record shopping all in one at this cafe. Themed like an old music shop, Hi-Fi offers great, local coffee right next to the busyness and beauty of the beach.

Open until midnight, Hi-Fi offers those needing a late coffee to power through their night work a helping hand. All of its coffee is sourced from independent and local roasters along the Grand Strand and Carolina coast, and bags of Hi-Fi’s personal coffee blends available for purchase.

Owner Chris Walker’s favorite drink is a flat white, but said a fan favorite drink is a cinnamon bun frappe. For something more out of the box, though, Walker recommends a…

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