Backyard Play Cafe hosts ‘Parents Night Out’

The cafe will be hosting “Parent’s Night Out” from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 12-13.

Backyard Play Cafe officially opened the first weekend of October 2020. The cafe features a variety of food and drink offerings for parents and their children from lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, along with other coffee drinks. Brandvik said the coffee beans come from Twenty Below Coffee Co. in Fargo.

“Anything you could imagine coffee wise, we can make it for you,” Brandvik said.

For those who aren’t coffee drinkers, Backyard Play Cafe offers new Lotus energy drinks, which Brandvik believes is a healthier alternative to the average energy drink due to their plant-based energy source.

Children can choose from a variety of food and drink options such as hot cocoa, smoothies and steamers — which are flavored steamed milk drinks. Other options consist of all-natural gummy products, juice boxes, bottled water and soda pop.

The cafe also offers cookies and muffins provided by the Gladstone bakery, The Cake Life.

Located at 193 24th St. E Suite 105 and kitty-corner to Walmart, the idea for this type of fun, interactive cafe was brainstormed by owner Layne Brandvik and his wife, Betsy, after a long stretch of traveling. The couple began seeking out a place where they could take their four children and both could enjoy various offerings. While traveling, they noticed a trend of restaurants with indoor playgrounds and then decided to bring one to Dickinson.

“We traveled a lot before (COVID-19) and whenever we were in a major city, we were trying to find things for all of us to do, so that we could bring our kids along…” Brandvik said. “We also saw a trend happening where these play cafes (were) showing up … (It was) like a full service coffee bar; some of them even had food and it was a relaxing spot for parents to congregate. It was a nice spot for the kids to play indoors.”

Walk-ins are welcome, Brandvik said. However, reserving a playdate on the cafe’s website is recommended. Brandvik then explained that the “playdate” structure allows staff time in between to perform regular sanitized cleanings.

As for the cafe’s future, Brandvik said he is very optimistic. Though the coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses across the nation, Brandvik remains hopeful of his business.

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