A Watsonville brewery goes big on fruit, with a line of beers aptly titled

Say you’re looking for a tangy fruit flavor. Maybe you’re looking for a fruit snack. Maybe you’re looking for a refreshing beer. Incidentally, Fruition Brewing’s most popular beer is called Snack, showcasing different fruits.

Since the Watsonville-based brewery started two years ago, they have made nearly 50 different flavor variations, relying on sustainable and mostly organic ingredients. Snack is a lightly tart and sour session ale, made using mostly local fruits.

“Our fruit Snacks are driven by the seasons, but one of the great things about fermentation is it requires patience,” says David Purgason, Fruition Brewing co-owner and head brewer. “Which is why we are finally getting to enjoy the Strawberry Watermelon Snack in winter.”

Strawberry Watermelon is made with organic berries from Dirty Girl, and melons from Ox & Willow Farm. Another flavor currently available is Olallieberry Snack, made with Gizdich Ranch berries. (Both varieties come in 16-ounce cans and are 4.9-percent alcohol. The stronger Double Snack, between 6 – and 7.3-percent alcohol, comes in 750-milliliter bottles.)

Fruition Brewing also produces classic crisp lagers, hoppy ales, saisons and stouts. Sticking with the sustainability theme, they use a seven-barrel, 220-gallon system that was custom-built from old wine and dairy tanks.

Local spots to find their beers include Other Brother Beer Co. and Babaloo Cuban Cafe, both in Seaside, and XL Public House in Salinas.

FRUITION BREWING, 918 E. Lake Ave., Watsonville. fruitionbrewing.com

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