Valentine’s Day cocktails by Caprice Bar’s Lorenzo Antinori

“Being single is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is even the right time to spoil your single self,” shares Lorenzo. “For the Single & Fabulous Martini, the idea was to create a boozy cocktail, which would lift the spirits of any lonely heart!” The drink is a Martini twist with olives, pickled onion, lemon twist – you can even add some cheeky side dishes to pair with it – which combines well with the calming properties of chamomile. “It’s a perfect concoction for a self-care kind of night,” he adds. 

30ml gin or vodka 
20ml dry vermouth infused with chamomile tea (use two tea bags of chamomile tea in 750ml of dry vermouth and allow to steep for one hour; strain and bottle)
10ml St Germain elderflower liqueur 
3 drops Apple cider vinegar 

Garnish: lemon, pickled onions, blue cheese stuffed olives, or green Italian olives

Tools you will need:
Mixing glass (or any stainless-steel or glass cup)
Large spoon
Jigger (or a shot glass/measuring cup) 
Martini glass (or any regular glass) 

How to make the drink:
1) Steep two chamomile tea bags in 750ml of vermouth for one hour. Strain the mixture in a bottle and set it aside. 
2) Combine all the ingredients (except the garnishes) into a tin or mixing glass, and stir for about 20 seconds, allowing the drink to hit the right dilution.
3) Strain into a Martini glass.  
4) Garnish with lemon peel, pickled onion, and olive. Alternatively, you can also add a side of fried chicken and caviar or roe. 
5) Serve and enjoy!

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