7 best French presses of 2021

For some, making the perfect cup of coffee in the morning may look like popping a pod into a machine or pouring black coffee out of a pot. For others, the morning starts out with a bit of a longer process as they get their French press set up for use. The longer prep time is often rewarded with a robust cup of coffee that doesn’t include any of the grit or bitterness that traditional coffee pots and pod machines leave behind in your mug.

While you might think that a sleek French press is a kitchen unitasker, they can actually be used for so much more. According to Giorgio Milos, Master Barista for luxury coffee brand illy, there’s plenty of good reasons a French press should take up precious counter space in your kitchen.

What should someone look for when buying a French press?

Also known as a cafetière or press pot, a French press is an immersion brewing device with a plunger filtration system inside a carafe. It allows any coffee or tea to be steeped then pressed to get all of the solid particles out of the drinkable liquid. “The most important thing to look for when shopping for a French press is the seal of the plunger against the surrounding glass. The fit should be just right to move up and down smoothly, but also not let any grounds come out around the sides and into your cup,” Milos says.

While its design has relatively stayed the same since its invention, not all French presses are the same. Some French press filters are made with a metal plunger that allows for some grounds to pass through the mesh; while others have a more advanced filtration system that have a plastic ring around the plunger that ensures no coffee sediments get into the liquid and into your cup. Milos also mentions that glass carafes produce a cleaner cup of coffee over plastic or steel, which can produce chemicals that can get into your coffee.

Are French press coffee pots expensive?

Depending on its size and the type of filtration system you pick, a French press can be an affordable option for your morning coffee routine. Pots using a simple metal plunger from a quality maker can cost around $30, while models that have a more robust filtration system can be over $140.

What’s the best way to use a French press?

There are quite a few ways to make a fantastic cup of coffee in a French press. Milos said, “The very first step before adding your ground coffee to the carafe is to pour in about five ounces of hot water to warm it up. Swish it around and discard the water.” After your carafe is warm, pour in your ground coffee and add anywhere from two to five ounces of water and stir the two together.

After stirring, wait about 30 seconds for the coffee to release its flavor, then add the rest of the hot water and stir. “Let it steep for two to four minutes. Steeping time varies according to the grind size. For a medium-fine grind, steeping time should be between…

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