From cappuccinos to cold brews – the full range from a single beverage station

The Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200) from Franke Coffee Systems allows beverage retailers to be fully prepared for today’s coffee trends – as well as tomorrow’s.

Drinking coffee today is an expression of lifestyle, diversity and a statement of individuality. Coffee trends from major international cities are spreading ever more rapidly. Cold coffee beverages such as iced coffees or cold brews are the latest examples of just how swiftly the hottest trends can influence the well-established range of beverages in coffee shops, bakeries, cafés and at self-service stations.

Thanks to the new Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200), an unprecedented variety of hot and cold coffee beverages can be prepared. Flexible and without additional add-on units, the SB1200 allows businesses to implement current and future beverage trends with ease. To achieve this, Franke – a long-established Swiss company – has combined its technical expertise, its drive for innovation and its decades of international experience into this state-of-the-art beverage station.

Modular and flexible

According to a recent study of the cold coffee beverage market in the USA by the research consultancy Allegra, over 80% of the market leaders polled responded that cold brew coffee was among the fastest growing beverage segments in coffee shops. More than 90% of them expect that, within the next three years, cold brew coffee will become part of the standard range offered by coffee shops.*

The new Franke SB1200 is all about the popular cold coffees. The integrated media pump modules make it possible to create cold brew beverages, in addition to the usual hot coffee specialties. Its particular highlight: Thanks to patented Franke technology, cold brew beverages can be easily created without additional nitrogen equipment (thus without a gas cylinder), both with or without foam topping and with cascading effect. When combined with milk or syrup, this makes for a seemingly endless variety of beverages, which offer an even more appealing aroma and constantly perfect quality thanks to the patented iQFlowTM technology integrated as standard.

The combination of various media pump modules increases its flexibility. The use of plug-in couplings on the modules allows the containers to be easily replaced, for example for two milk types, Bag-in-Box, cold brews, and so on. Different configurations allow this to be adjusted according to need,…

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