7 Caribbean Cocktails That Are Easy to Make at Home

We’ll be the first to admit: Drinking a piña colada on your balcony will never be the same as sitting outside a bar in old San Juan, feeling the ocean breeze blow as you sip your cocktail mere blocks from the beach. But a strong Caribbean cocktail will sure get you closer to that canceled vacation than a whiskey sour will. 

With temperatures starting to rise and warmer days ahead, mentally escaping to the Caribbean doesn’t require the imagination it might have in December. Maybe you hit play on a little Cuban salsa, or turn up that Jamaican dancehall playlist—maybe you bring out those colorful tumblers you bought in Guadeloupe two years back, or decorate your table with woven coasters from Cartagena. Suddenly an ice cold rum punch or painkiler is more than just a strong drink, it’s a virtual escape. 

For days when you want to transport yourself to the Caribbean without leaving home, these easy-to-make drinks will help get you there. Read on for seven Caribbean cocktails every home bartender can mix, with tips from experts across the islands.  

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