Dwayne Johnson Finally Releases His New Product

When Dwayne Johnson talks, everyone listens and most recently, he announced the debut of his newest product.

Hydration is key. Certainly, Dwayne Johnson knows all about that. He’s enjoying huge success with ‘Teremana’ and now, he has another new product launching ZOA. DJ started using the products many years ago himself, as a way to boost his energy. Given his relentless lifestyle, DJ is dependent on products that will give him a boost throughout the day. As he stated with Bloomberg, he’s using that similar formula with the masses, “Basically, it’s all the ingredients that kept my own daily ballast in line. That’s how we reverse-engineered this process: What if we start with healthy first? What would that look like? 100% vitamin C, B, D daily allowance, camu camu, acerolo—a lot of different ingredients that you’re not finding in today’s energy drinks at this level. Then we come in with a nice kick of caffeine.”

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DJ stated that he loves to pop the drink in the morning, “It all depends on where I’m at in my prep. Right now, I’m prepping for a [superhero] film called Black Adam. And it’s been about an 18-week diet that continues to ebb and flow and shift and change. So in the immediate—tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up and have the [original flavor], with 100 calories. It gives me a nice boost, and I’m ready to go train. Throughout the day and at night, when I want to be careful about my sugar intake, I’ll have the zero-sugar one.”

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