BeatBox Beverages Launches Zero Sugar Offering

AUSTIN, Texas — BeatBox Beverages, the fastest selling ready-to-drink (RTD) brand in the U.S. market, announced this week with the launch of its Zero Sugar BeatBox, it will be one of the first ever fermented fruit beverage products to be sold by beer distributors in the control state of Pennsylvania. With the exception of BeatBox Beverages and a select few other brands, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Laws, consumers can only purchase these types of products at state owned Fine Wine & Good Spirits. Zero Sugar BeatBox products will be available throughout statewide beer distributors as of April 2021.

“The growth of BeatBox Beverage brands has been strong through Q1 as depletion volume grew 120% and revenue grew 215%, further showcasing an increasing consumer appetite for more product offerings,” said Vice President of Sales, Tony Zangara. “BeatBox Beverages products being one of the only fermented fruit beverage products sold through beer distributors is not only a significant win for our company, but it is also a pivotal moment in the beverage alcohol space and we are thrilled to be paving the way. This accomplishment couldn’t have happened without our distribution partners and are grateful for their support.”

“We’re proud to be partnering with BeatBox Beverages to introduce Zero Sugar to consumers throughout Pennsylvania,” explained Nick Funchion, President for Philadelphia based distributor, Penn Beer Sales & Service. “Consumer demand for these products is on the rise, so we are excited to be making them more accessible across the state.”

As BeatBox Beverages outsells every RTD brand on a per store basis, the company attributes its innovative product offerings and soaring sales in the RTD categories across the country for its success to date. “The launch of Zero Sugar is another testament to how we function as a company,” said Justin Fenchel, Co-Founder and CEO. “Though we have seen great success with our core portfolio, it’s important to us to continue to listen to our consumers and innovate with new product offerings.”

Zero Sugar BeatBox was created for consumers who sought ‘better for you’ products. The product is 6% ABV, contains zero sugar, gluten free, with only 90 calories per serving and formulated with all-natural flavors. The newest offering will be the newest product offering in BeatBox’s expansive lineup of party-ready punches, comes in five flavors including Pink Lemonade, Tropical Punch, Fresh Watermelon, Peach Punch, and Fruit Punch.

Alongside Pennsylvania, Zero Sugar BeatBox is rolling out on shelves starting April 2021 throughout Kentucky and 48 states through BeatBox Beverages’ new direct-to-consumer platform. The newest party punch will be released in a 500 ml single-serve resealable Tetra Pak, making it easy for consumers to take on the go. To find BeatBox…

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