8 items more companies should consider recycling

What item should more companies consider recycling?

To help your company in its green efforts, we asked business leaders and sustainability professionals this question for their best advice. From reducing your cardboard footprint to changing the ways you dispose of your ink cartridges, there are several ways that may help your company with its recycling efforts. 

Here are eight items companies should consider recycling: 

  • Encourage Break Room Recycling
  • Reduce Your Cardboard Footprint
  • Save Your Food Waste
  • Focus on Repurposing
  • Don’t Trash Your Coffee Grounds
  • Reclaim Glass From the Trash
  • Get an Easy Recycling Win With Paper
  • Change the Way You Ditch Ink Cartridges

items for companies to recycle

Encourage Break Room Recycling 

Many employees enjoy bringing microwavable lunches like Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choices to work with them! Although these meals are easy and convenient, they also use a lot of packaging. You should encourage your employees to break down the cardboard box they come in and rinse out the plastic container before dropping them in the recycling bin to ensure they are actually being recycled after the fact! 

Elliott Greenberg, Wholesale Janitorial Supply

Reduce Your Cardboard Footprint

As a recycling company, I am tempted to say anything and everything! At Generated, our bread and butter is cardboard recycling. Many B2B businesses, especially those selling products, accumulate tons of cardboard packaging over time, and this material can easily be recycled to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Jonathan Cohen, Generated 

Save Your Food Waste

We sell composting worms. Something businesses can start recycling is their food waste. Our composting worms each meat, dairy, bread, and vegetation food scraps. They then convert that material into nitrogen-rich compost. This compost is an amazing organic fertilizer that can be used to build organic gardens.

Jeff Neal, The Critter Depot

Focus on Repurposing 

Businesses have become rather savvy at recycling. A huge opportunity that’s still looming where sustainability is concerned is repurposing. Many companies overlook items that could be repurposed or donated in-kind to worthy nonprofits. Consider donating that outdated swag to a cause that could use the items regardless of the branding. And before trashing any equipment or supplies, first look for organizations that would either use or sell the items as a fundraising endeavor.

Tyler Butler, 11Eleven Consulting

Don’t Trash Your Coffee Grounds

Consider recycling coffee grinds and tea bags. You can do this by adding an organics stream to your office recycling program. It’s a perfect way for your office to be zero-waste. Also, when coffee grounds and tea bags are collected and processed properly, they can be used to help grow crops and produce power.

Olivia Young, Conscious Items

Reclaim Glass From the Trash

Glass containers that are used in food and…

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