A Living Beer Project brings new vision of brewing to Atlantic City


Husband and wife owners Sean Towers and Amanda Cardinali are set to open their new brewery in Atlantic City, N.J.

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On the surface, Sean Towers’ brewing philosophy doesn’t seem all that complicated. 

“The mission is deriving strong complexities in the most simple way possible,” the 31-year-old Galloway resident explained.

Sounds elementary enough, until you start to peel back the creative layers that make up The Seed: A Living Beer Project — a joint venture between Towers and wife Amanda Cardinali opening in Atlantic City this fall. 

Attention to detail is key for the duo. 

It’s evident in both the beer and evolving aesthetic touches at their 5,000-square-foot brewery located at 807 Baltic Ave.

“It’s that textbook forever search for perfection,” Towers said of what drives him and Cardinali. “That’s what’s so cool about this, to me, to us, that you never really plateau. There’s always something wrong.

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“It’s almost depressing to sit in a room with Amanda and I when we try one of our beers for the first time,” Towers added. “We spend 10, 15 minutes just ripping apart everything we can find that’s wrong with it, and then we’ll dump it and go back to it a half hour later and be like this actually came out really nice, we like it, but this is the list of things we want to try to address next time.”

The journey to becoming brewery operators is one Cardinali and Towers — both Stockton University graduates and natives of Vernon, Sussex County — never really envisioned. 

Cardinali, also 31, landed a job at nearby Tuckahoe Brewing Company out of college, but saw herself eventually going back to school for social work. 

Towers started work immediately after graduating and now is research coordinator at the New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center in North Cape May.


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But their passion for beer intensified during Cardinali’s time at Tuckahoe. 

“At this point, we were homebrewing pretty regularly,” Cardinali said of the time when she joined Tuckahoe in 2013. “I worked there for years and followed them to their new location, and during that time is when Sean and I basically fell in love with making saison and mixed-culture beer. We had a small program there that we were really lucky that they let us build.

“It was just really hard,” Cardinali continued. “Sean was working, so he wasn’t full time at Tuckahoe. I was, but I had so much else on my plate. So we just kind of realized that in order to be able to focus everything on what we’re now in love with doing, that we had to do it on our own.”

So they did. 

Cardinali and Towers acquired the Atlantic City location in 2018 and began outfitting the space, formerly an…

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