Fruit juice: 8 Refreshing instant options to beat the heat this summer

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Fruit juice: 8 Refreshing instant options to beat the heat this s…

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01/9Refreshing instant fruit juices for you

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Staying cool and hydrated in summers is not just important for your health but is even needed to feel good. If you are not feeling too fresh after drinking a glass of water, it is time to have a refreshing glass of fruit juice to beat the heat during summers. Various instant fruit juices are available that will help you feel fresh in no time when the temperature is soaring high.

Want to enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit juice during summers? Have a look at this list of popular choices that will make you feel fresh in no time.


02/9B Natural Apple Juice

Want to have a chilled glass of apple juice? This pack of juice by B Natural can help you feel better when the temperature is too high. This juice is made from a blend of apple juice, sugar and water along with other necessary ingredients to give a sweet and delicious flavour in every sip. Since the juice is not made from concentrate, you will get a fresh flavour in the juice.


03/9Real Multi Fruit Fiber Plus

When it comes to ready to drink fruit juices, Real has been a trusted name in India. This pack of juice by the brand is a delight for those who enjoy having a cool glass of mixed fruit juice. This juice is made from a blend of extracts of pineapple juice, apple juice, grape juice, pear juice, orange juice, guava puree, apricot puree, mango pulp, banana puree, lime juice and more to give a delicious flavour to the juice. Being free from harmful preservatives, you need not think too much before having this juice in the summers.


04/9Paper Boat Anar, Pomegranate Fruit Juice

If you find it difficult to peel and consume pomegranate, it is time to try having this pomegranate juice. This juice is made from red and juicy pomegranates to give a fresh flavour in every sip. Being free from added colours and preservatives, you can have this juice to get rid of your tiredness without thinking too much.


05/9Real Fruit Juice, Guava

For guava lovers, this pack of guava juice by Real will be a delight this summers. The juice contains the extracts of real guavas and is free from added colours or harmful chemicals. With convenient packaging, it is easy to store this juice in your refrigerator and consume it whenever you want. The shelf life of this guava juice is 6 months from the date of manufacturing.


06/9Paper Boat Aamras, Mango Fruit Juice

Summers seem incomplete without having juicy and sweet mangoes. And, if you are finding it hard to have fresh mango, you can get rid of the tiredness by having a chilled glass of mango juice. This fruit juice has a natural flavour and is free from…

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